Green City Market

Saturday marked the last outdoor market of the season for Green City Market, which always seems to come too soon and means winter is not too far off, especially as major snowfalls hit the East coast this past weekend. But it still officially is fall. And we were grateful to have sun in Chicago and farm […]


Sunday Dinner Burger

19 September 2011 · 0 comments

My idea of breakfast is usually oatmeal. So ordering a hamburger last Saturday morning from Sunday Dinner’s stand at Green City Market was a first for me. And if you come hungry first thing, you might find yourself having one, too.   Chef-owners Christine Cikowski and Joshua Kulp offer a simple menu using only market […]


Where did June go? I have been back from my travels a few weeks now, and hitting Green City Market every Saturday morning. Gone are the English peas, asparagus, strawberries, and rhubarb! But at this unofficial mid-point of summer, local farmers are peddling the fruits and produce that early July in the Midwest brings: blueberries, […]


What a glorious morning: cool, dry, with some sun. Rare for Chicago in July, when it is usually beastly hot and humid. My half-hour walk to and from the Green City Market let me take in the crisp air, the flower gardens still holding droplets of water sparkling like jewels, and the quiet of a […]