Sunday Dinner Burger

19 September 2011 · 0 comments

Horseradish-cheddar burger from Sunday Dinner at Green City Market

My idea of breakfast is usually oatmeal. So ordering a hamburger last Saturday morning from Sunday Dinner’s stand at Green City Market was a first for me. And if you come hungry first thing, you might find yourself having one, too.
Chef-owners Christine Cikowski and Joshua Kulp offer a simple menu using only market ingredients at their fledgling venture: an egg sandwich and two kinds of burgers. But simple is good. Because the only burger you want is the horseradish-cheddar burger. Housed between two halves of a puffy sesame bun from Bennison’s Bakery is a juicy burger from Heartland Meats, gooey cheddar from Wisconsin’s Brunkow Cheese that somehow incorporates just enough horseradish for some kick, and tart arugula from Green Acres Farm. When all these elements come together it’s pure messy deliciousness.

The horseradish-cheddar burger is $9.

Sunday Dinner
Tel 773.878.2717

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