Stray Dog Designs Chandelier

17 May 2011 · 0 comments

"High-Minded" chandelier by Stray Dog Designs at Anthropologie

Whoa! How cool is this chandelier? While shopping at Anthropologie on Michigan Avenue, I walked by it, did a double-take, and had to walk back to take a closer look.

Close-up of papier mâché

Pieces of papier mâchéd black and white encyclopedia pages over iron give this chandelier that one-of-a-kind, artsy find for anyone looking to add an eclectic element into their interior design mix—self included. Designed by Jane Gray of Stray Dog Designs, each chandelier is an original, handmade piece, made in Mexico and signed by the individual artisan.

The company works with Mexican artisans who combine their skills in traditional crafts to create products for the home from quality and recycled materials. When you buy a product from Stray Dog Designs, you’re supporting a company that in turn supports Mexican workers and artisans with a living wage, benefits, and profit sharing. Turning the lights on will make your home and your heart that much brighter. Available at Anthropologie stores, High-Minded Chandelier, style #063043, $998.

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