Peaches: Garnet Beauties

18 July 2009 · 0 comments

Garnet Beauty peaches from Mick Klug Farm.

What a glorious morning: cool, dry, with some sun. Rare for Chicago in July, when it is usually beastly hot and humid. My half-hour walk to and from the Green City Market let me take in the crisp air, the flower gardens still holding droplets of water sparkling like jewels, and the quiet of a slow-awakening day.

The scene at the market, however, was bustling. So much is coming into season right now, it’s hard to pass much up. The blueberries. The raspberries. All kinds of cherries: the dark purple, red tart, and yellow. And then there are the first peaches, apricots, and even some plums. The peaches with their golden coats beckon. I have long given up on hard-as-rock supermarket peaches and wait all year instead for local peaches to come into season.

The peaches I bought were these Garnet Beauties from Mick Klug’s stand, whose farm is in St. Joseph, Michigan. The early peaches in the Midwest are clingstone, which means, as the name suggests, the fruit clings to the stone. For this reason, they are often used for jams and canning. But I’m so thrilled for the arrival of peaches, I’ll eat any variety fresh. “Just leave it on the countertop for about a day, and they’ll be ready,” Mick Klug says. The year-long hold-out worth the wait—sweet and juicy … and love at first bite.

Mick Klug Farm
St. Joseph, Michigan
Tel 269.208.9344

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