Food Shops

From Old-World neighborhood shops that have been around for generations to shops opened by new artisans to entrepreneurs who want to feature specialty products, Chicago has a vibrant food scene at the local store and market level to explore. Here you’ll discover some of the places I find exceptional.

Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop
Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop Tuna Poke

Eight Gelati in One Night, More the Next Day

Café Selmarie Plum Kuchen
Floriole Café & Bakery
Floriole Plum Galette
Hoosier Mama Chocolate Chunk Scones
Hoosier Mama Pies
Pasticceria Natalina
Pasticceria Natalina Cannoli

Three Tarts Bakery & Café
Zullo’s Apple Cider Doughnuts

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