Saturday marked the last outdoor market of the season for Green City Market, which always seems to come too soon and means winter is not too far off, especially as major snowfalls hit the East coast this past weekend. But it still officially is fall. And we were grateful to have sun in Chicago and farm […]


Not until I turn my calendar to September and the temperatures start to drop do I feel ready for apples. And although apples started showing up early this year at Green City Market, only in recent weeks have the numbers of baskets and bushels multiplied and signs screaming “We Have Honeycrisps” popped up all over. […]


Pity the poor plum. Often the Rodney Dangerfield of fruit, it gets no respect. Bright golden peaches and nectarines often steal the show at the height of the summer fruit season or get elbowed out by blueberries and raspberries. But let plums prance on stage for a change and give them a try. And if […]