Baby Fingerling Potatoes with Pesto

29 July 2010 · 0 comments

Baby fingerling potatoes with pesto

Among the many great things about summer in Chicago is the ease of being able to eat well thanks to nature’s bounty at the farmers markets. And easy is the operative idea here. Come the dog days of July, give me easy, fast, and out of the kitchen. One way I do that is by buying baby vegetables that require very little cook or grill time. 

Green Acres potatoes

These baby fingerling potatoes from Green Acres Farm at Green City Market fit the bill. These beautifully colored orbs are so fresh and small, they boil in about five minutes. When done, all they need is a dollop of butter and sprinkling of coarse salt, or, one of my favorite preparations is to mix in fragrant pesto. When I don’t have time to make my own, I pick up a batch from Kinnikinnick Farm at the market to make things really easy and fast. In minutes I have a delicious side dish redolent of basil and garlic without a lot of fanfare. 

Kinnikinnick Farm pesto

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