April 2011 in Paris – Poisson d’Avril

12 April 2011 · 0 comments

Poissons d'Avril chocolate fish at Debauve & Gallais

Day 2 in Paris happened to be April Fool’s Day, or “Poisson d’Avril” (the “April Fish”), in France. While no one knows exactly why this day of pranks started, legend has it that it may have originated in France in the 16th century when King Charles XIV of France reformed the calendar. Many of the less educated, lower-class people refused to make the change leading pranksters to make fun of them by sticking paper fish on their backs. That tradition continues today, often by school children. When a person discovers a fish on their back they are declared a “Poisson d’Avril.” Adding to the fun, the city’s chocolatiers and pâtisseries get into the act with chocolates and pastries in the form of fish. The photo at the top are chocolate fish at Debauve & Gallais (30 Rue Saints Pères 75007 and other locations), and below, fish in the window at Patrick Roger (108 boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 and other locations).

Poissons d'Avril chocolate fish at Patrick Roger

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