April 2011 in Paris – Day 1

11 April 2011 · 0 comments

Notre Dame

I’ve been behind on posting, but for a good reason: I was in Paris last week as part of a small group without a minute to spare for writing. I had never been to Paris in April, and it truly is a nice time to go. The city was finally putting its unusually cold winter behind and welcoming warm breezes and blossoming trees. On the days with temps that climbed into the 70s, Parisians spilled out into the streets bien soginé with renewed energy. It was fun to take it all in.

On Day 1, after a long flight, a leisurely lunch was in order followed by a simple agenda: strolling the city’s two islands, Île St-Louis and Île de la Cité. The fabulous cheese shop on Île St-Louis was a highlight.

Cheeses on Île St-Louis

Heading back to our hotel, a group of school kids decked out in costumes caught everyone’s attention.

School kids in costume

L'Avant Comptoir

We capped the night at the super-popular but tiny L’Avant Comptoir wine bar that holds all of about 12 people. We drank artisanal red wine and nibbled on small plates of smooth brandade, ham croquettes, beef-cheek croque monsieur, riz de langue oiseau, and pâté de campagne. L’Avant Comptoir also has an excellent selection of charcuterie. Maybe the best part of our tastings was the great, crusty petits pains served hot from the oven in big baskets. I spotted a few being tucked into pockets to take back to the hotel. 

Fresh rolls at L'Avant Comptoir

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