Lydia Marchuk

I am a longtime Chicagoan who goes out of my way to find the best that there is: food that is good tasting, well made, natural, healthy, and when possible, local and organic. And in the Windy City, there’s no shortage of interesting places to discover. Chicago boasts numerous farmers’ markets and many neighborhoods filled with independent establishments run by exacting proprietors. Through Savoring Chicago I share the best of the city’s food scene in the hopes of making everyday eating a gratifying experience and so that you can enjoy your own discoveries.

Chicago has been home for most of my life, and is where I am based as an independent freelance writer. Although my day job deals with corporate writing, I have always had a keen interest in all things food related and all things related to good living. So my spare time finds me exploring all kinds of shops and markets around the city hunting for great food and things that bring pleasure to everyday life.

I decided to launch Savoring Chicago to share the best of my finds with others. Savoring Chicago originally started as a subscription newsletter in 2003, but the high costs of a small-scale publication drove me to communicate via the Web instead. The inspiration for the newsletter and this site comes from food lover guides devoted to other cities, most notably Patricia Wells’s Food Lover’s Guide to Paris and Patricia Unterman’s San Francisco Food Lover’s Guide. These are two authors to whom I totally aspire, and reading their books has inspired me show off Chicago’s food scene. Chicago, with its abundance of diverse heritages and culinary talents, offers superb gastronomy in its own right. So, explore, taste, uncover great places to shop, and enjoy.

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