A Beautiful Bostock

28 June 2010 · 16 comments

A bostock pastry from Pierre Hermé in Paris.

Just after I had posted the article below on Pierre Hermé’s pain au chocolate, I discovered I had a separate photo of his bostock from the same visit. Since I have never had or seen bostock in Chicago (or anywhere in the United States for that matter), I wanted to share this picture to give you a better idea of what this pastry is like. A small sign in French in the shop describes it as “brioche au sirop d’amandes et fleurs d’oranger, crème d’oranger, amandes effilées.” Originally a recipe the French devised to use up day-old brioche, bostock begins with baked brioche that is dipped in almond and orange flower syrup, then traditionally topped with an almond cream (but this being Pierre Hermé, it’s an orange cream) and sliced almonds. The bostock is then baked a second time and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. Along with a café crème, the bostock—combining sweet, almond, and orange flavors with buttery, soft, and crunchy textures—is definitely worth a departure from the usual croissant or baguette for breakfast in Paris, or wherever you come across one.

Pierre Hermé
72 rue Bonaparte (6th arrondisement)
And other locations throughout Paris

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