August 2009

Uncommon Ground in Edgewater is not your typical restaurant. You might go there to listen to live, local music nightly in the back room. Or to view the latest local art exhibition on the walls. Or maybe to shop at the organic farmers market in the parking lot on Friday evenings during the summer, and […]

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Although most people think of fish shops as places for mainly buying fish to cook at home, they can be a great stop for picking up some kind of seafood salad or soup. This brilliant, freshly made raw tuna poke at Dirk’s caught my eye on my visit this day. The cool, ultra-tender diced yellowfin […]


Last night I saw the movie Julie & Julia. The film tells the real-life stories of Julia Child in post-World War II France and that of Julie Powell, a government worker in New York City by day and aspiring writer by night. In a discussion one night with her husband, Powell comes up with the […]